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Issue 5, Portrait: Contents And Editor's Note

(Cover illustration by Jeanann Moloney)

Welcome to Dust's fifth issue, Portrait, which contains 41 poems on the theme of portrait.

Thank you to everyone who submitted poetry for this issue. Once again I have been overwhelmed by the volume and quality of submissions and the ongoing support, encouragement, and vitality of the poetry community, particularly online, which has often felt like a bright and hopeful space in this incredibly bleak year. It remains a huge privilege to read your work and to be part of this community.

I am so proud of the poems in this issue and so honoured that the poets chose Dust to feature their stunning work, I hope you enjoy them.

Tara Wheeler

Founding Editor

Cover Illustration by Jeanann Moloney

Our beautifully vivid chair on the cover of the issue is by artist and illustrator, Jeanann Moloney. Jeanann is a self-taught artist from Cork Ireland, who likes to work in acrylic, watercolour and gouache. She takes inspiration from femme fatales in film and bold uses of colour. She has been featured in Bloomers Magazine and won a Vogue Magazine illustration competition. Her Instagram is jeanann.moloney


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