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Something To Relish by Thomas Abalahin

something to relish

green, just green

a color verdant with

life, mixed

with blue

intertwined thus

forest and sky

may be one in the same

green, just green

the stems of sour buttercups

the patina gracing

old copper coins

the sea unseen by my

dark eyes

the smell of lime and

coniferous pines

green, just green

the color of veins

running warm

beneath skin

wrapping around

bone, muscle, tendon

and sinew

that make the most

trusted hands

green, just green

oh, I could be green

with envy

that the streets you walk

know your steps

that pencils and brushes

know your hands

but tonight I sit green

new and naive

oh, to be green

to be green

Thomas Abalahin

Thomas Abalahin (he/they) is a young Filipino-American fresh out of university, though they're still trying to figure out what to do. When not writing poetry, they invest themselves in learning about colonial mentality, land sovereignty, and how to better participate in contemporary movements. Besides that, they also enjoy reading about the stars, the oceans, and falling in love. You can follow them on Instagram @tomasito_d or on Twitter @tomasino_d.

About This Poem

Have you ever seen a color and thought of someone? the color becomes them, and you’ve painted a portrait.


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