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Self-Portrait With Windsor Chair by Julian Brasington

Self-portrait with Windsor chair

Suddenly vacant

its high back cleft

to rib the air

the impress in its seat

carved where

the elm trees grow

bodged amongst its spindles

in Brill and carried to the hills

one snowy day

now it is but for the cat to jump

into the traces and company

itself with what’s no longer there

a passing thought

its moment made of something less

durable than a knock at the door

Julian Brasington

Julian Brasington lives in North Wales.His work has appeared most recently in Ink Sweat & Tears and in Morning Star. Further poems are forthcoming in Stand.

About This Poem

Laced with autobiography, this poem draws upon the craft of bodging.  It made itself heard when out walking through woods one evening and thinking about Dust, portraits, and transience.


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