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Self-Portrait With Attachment Theory by Kristen Kalicharan

Self-Portrait with Attachment Theory

self-portrait with a dark blue Tuesday, with her,

with him, with them. self-portrait with half a friend.

self-portrait with a siege of herons, with a loon

above marsh water, with your mom’s last name. self-

portrait with a fear of engulfment, with a city

devoid of quiet. self-portrait with a guarded citadel,

with gelatinous interiors. self-portrait with the library,

with anxiety for the unread paperbacks. self-portrait

with protection, with a black t-shirt. self-portrait with

crawling up the back of your shirt. self-portrait with

your shirt. self portrait with you. self-portrait with anyone

who knows how to do the laundry. self-portrait

with a cold shower. self-portrait with the hair between

my eyebrows, with closing the distance. self-portrait

with too much or too little. self-portrait with more

anxiety for the parts of me that will go unheld. self-

portrait with the heavy, with a soft sea change. self-

portrait with the shell, with building a home inside.

self-portrait with a small brown bird inside. self-

portrait with all these different kinds of birds

even though you really, really hate birds. self-

portrait with broken humour, with laughing anyways.

Kristen Kalicharan

Kristen Kalicharan (she/her) is an emerging writer and graphic artist residing in Vancouver, Canada. She is a recent winner of Button Poetry’s 2020 Short Form contest, and is currently working on a zine about boxes. You can find her on Instagram @kristenkalicharan and on Twitter @kristenkalico


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