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Blemished by Amy Moretsele


I don’t have the perfect skin,

it’s easily bruised, damaged

and paper thin

– along my spine there’s a constellation

of scars, across my chest a large pale birthmark, it

extends down behind one arm.

I fell a lot

as a child, I was clumsy,

the pigmentation and hypertrophics

remind me. There are stretch marks

and hair removal marks and acne marks

where I grew

And blotchy veins and wrinkles that appeared

before I knew.

Sometimes they’re overwhelming

Amy Moretsele

Amy Moretsele is a twenty-one-year-old who writes for that sensation of easy breathing that follows word vomit and has recently begun to write so that she can dream of a future with more writing involved (aka she writes to write to write).

About This Poem

This poem is a portrait with words of sorts, of my body and the life it's led, whether I like it or not


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