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Draw Myself by Nora Blascsok

Draw myself

from behind

body of a baby

owl sleeping

arms limp

the small

of my back


turn over


hips like

grandmother said

we bled for

the original sin

brackets around

sentence drenched

it’s fake


pen over


line wider and wider

leave a gap for

the imagination

the pause

before you go


can’t look

roast potatoes

would be nice later

draw big


remind myself

my breasts

have an underside

a lump

in my throat

as I check for

hated them touched

now I don’t


my skin fade

colour my teeth

into lips

draw curtain

for hiding

off the page



make me

in the image

of Goddess

of Woman

or something

that passes

Nora Blascsok

Nora Blascsok writes poetry and lives by the sea. Her poems have appeared in Streetcake Magazine, Cypress Poetry, Pink Plastic House, Perhappened, Daily Drunk Mag and a couple of print anthologies. Her work is due out in BABEL BOARD later this year and in Dreich and a Broken Sleep Books anthology in early 2021.

About This Poem

Draw Myself started out as an ekphrastic poem about a drawing of myself but ended up being about the process of drawing myself and the various forces at play when it comes to the relationship with and (self)-perception of my body as a woman. 


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