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Issue 9 Contents and Editor's Note

The Colour of Spring by Tzu-Chun Chang

Welcome to Issue 9 of Dust Poetry Magazine, in which you will find 22 new poems by some fantastic poets.

The gorgeous spring image on our cover is by illustrator and picturebook maker, Tzu-Chun Chang, who says the aim of her work is to "capture the magic of the mundane, and to tell stories about difficult subjects in an approachable way". Her debut author-illustrator picturebook Today is the Day, was selected for the 2022 Bologna Ragazzi Award: The BRAW Amazing Bookshelf. If you would like to see more of Chun's work, head to her website: and her Instragram @chunchun.c_ , she is also on Twitter @TzuChunChang_ .

Thank you to Chun and to each of our poets, it's an honour to be able to feature all of this work in Dust. Thank you too, to everyone who submitted poetry for the issue, and to everyone who continues to support and encourage Dust, on and offline.

I hope you enjoy these poems.

Tara Wheeler

Founder and Editor


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