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The Plan Of The Facades by Fiona Pitt-Kethley

The Plan of the Facades

It sounds a good idea in theory,

a face-lift for the inner-city streets,

the grimy paint and balconies replaced.

Everything finished in authentic style.

The owner only has to pay a part.

It’s good for tourism there’s little doubt.

What lies behind? I often ask myself.

Salvaging what you can and cover-ups?

A perfect metaphor for politics.

Look at my face. Don’t try to search for more.

Don’t see the emptiness behind my eyes.

Don’t think that all might be a mess within.

Fiona Pitt-Kethley's prose and poetry books have been published by Chatto, Peter Owen, Abacus, Salt and others. She has lived in Spain for the last twenty years. She is married to the chess grandmaster, James Plaskett, and they have a son, Alexander. She lives in Cartagena with her husband and six adopted feral cats. Her next book to be published is prose and is called Washing Amethysts in the Bidet. It is about collecting minerals and the history of the Sierra Minera.


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