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The Gardener by Melissa Sutaris

The Gardener

feed her

cut lines of poems

watch them

still in water

let them propagate

as words

spring from the stems

new and green

reaching toward

the sun

patience like

the Seven of Pentacles

peeking from

the ground

paper is soil

pen is rain




sunflowers grow from

cracks of concrete

in city streets

she remembers

tomato vines

in her grandmother's

yard and starts to plant

it all in a pot

Melissa Sutaris is a memoir and poetry writer from Jersey City, New Jersey. She received an MFA from The New School in 2020, and her work has been published in online magazines such as Ovunque Siamo, and Z Publishing's Anthology: New Jersey's Best Emerging Poets. She works as a bartender, facilitates 100-word groups with her peers, and has an ever-lasting wonder for the stories within the human experience.


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