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Shimmer / Stifling by Praise Osawaru

Praise Osawaru (he/him) is a writer of Bini descent. A Best of the Net nominee, his work appears in Glass Poetry, The Hellebore, Ice Floe Press, Kalahari Review, Kissing Dynamite, and Roadrunner Review, among others. He was shortlisted for the Babishai 2020 Haiku Award and the 2020 Nigerians Students Poetry Prize. A finalist for the 2020 Jack Grapes Poetry Prize and the Shuzia Short Story Competition, he’s a recipient of the NF2W Poetry Scholarship. A Virgo and lover of the strange and speculative, he’s a prose reader for Chestnut Review and he’s on Instagram & Twitter: @wordsmithpraise.

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Jan 17, 2021

Your words always wrap, then unwrap deep truths in a real and beautiful way.💖

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