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I Found A Bluebell Wood by Julian Bishop

I Found A Bluebell Wood

How to capture that full watery

brilliance, the surround-sound of fitful

birdsong – it was as if the whole of April

was running off an overcharged battery.

More at home under a moon than sun,

low blue flames rose from leafy debris,

a temporary show for locked-down weeks,

campions offsetting the sober tone.

Never were so many bells silent at once:

a congregation of flowers at prayer

while we prayed for the dying elsewhere -

on wards the colour of those Spanish hyacinths

stealthily invading the countryside

while the woods bathed in stained glass light.

Julian Bishop is a former television journalist living in North London who is a member of the collective group Poets For The Planet. A former runner-up in the Ginkgo Prize for Eco Poetry, he’s been shortlisted for the Bridport Poetry Prize and is one of four poets featured in a 2020 pamphlet called Poems For The Planet. He’s recently had poems in The Morning Star, XR’s Rebel Talk, Riptide Journal, Finished Creatures magazine and the first two issues of The Alchemy Spoon. You can follow Julian on Twitter @julianbpoet

Poems For The Planet is available at:


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