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Issue 6, Glimmer: Contents and Editor's Note.

(Cover art by Liam Lefr)

Welcome to Issue 6 of Dust Poetry Magazine. Our theme is Glimmer and this issue contains twenty nine new poems:

Prayer by Rachel Bower

I Found A Bluebell Wood by Julian Bishop

Why I Pause Drawing The Bedroom Curtains by Harriet Truscott

Loitering in Exmouth by Janet Hatherley

Memory of Rain by Jenny Mitchell (CW: violence)

Aponia by Louise Mather

The Three Gifts by Shirley Nicholson

Shimmer/Stifling by Praise Osawaru

That Time Jupiter And Saturn Aligned by Claire Carroll

Shimmering by Joan McNerney

Ripe Oranges by Natalie Marino

Biscoff by Helen Bowie

Shine and Scene, Just Ornamental by Kris Hiles

Lamplighter by Kalyn RoseAnne

Selene by Nachi Keta

Fireflies by Oluwatomiwa Ajeigbe

My Daughter Started Walking by Julie Weiss

Phantasmagoria by Camille Ferguson

Florence by Elizabeth Drawdy

My Boyfriend Says He Has a Theory About Atoms,

But He Won’t Write the Poem by Aleah Dye

When Light Decays by Meg Smith

Forms of Erosion, #4 by Ori Fienberg

Villanelle by Mick Mangan

Imago by Barbara Daniels

Moonlight by Lucy Whitehead

Chemistry Notes on Attractive Forces by Nora Hikari

Surfer's Paradise by Karol Nielsen

Wanderlusting by Kersten Christianson

John O’Groats by Cat Turhan

Thank you to illustrator, Liam Lefr, for his fantastic cover design. Liam is a University of Worcester graduate in illustration and gained a first class degree at the University’s state of the art ‘Art House', where he has exhibited work several times. Liam creates his illustrations digitally, but can also use traditional mediums, and is a keen printmaker. He doesn't limit his practice to creating smaller digital images and he has created to commission several large scale abstract murals that are displayed in various buildings in his home city, Worcester. Primarily, Liam’s work carries a theme of folklore, nature and pattern. He is influenced by European folk culture and tales of magic and mystery. He hopes to captivate his audience with an atmosphere of wonder in his work.

Thank you to each of our wonderful poets for these brilliant poems, I feel very honoured to be able to publish your work in Dust.

And thank you, too, to everyone who submitted poetry for the issue, the standard of work was astonishingly high, and to everyone who supports Dust online. I continue to be inspired by the talent, support, and kindness of the poetry community online.

I hope you enjoy these glimmering poems as much as I have.

Happy New Year.

Tara Wheeler

Founding Editor


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