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Chemistry Notes on Attractive Forces by Nora Hikari

Chemistry Notes on Attractive Forces

"Tangle" is a seductress

way of wording it.

It's more like a crash. Look

at the hunter-song, writing

with her hands, crooning about a tangle

of limbs, bodies, and ankles.

The reality: knock our bones together

until they crash into each other

with all the fundamental forces.

Bound in all the ways we can.

A room is a thing that holds

things. This is much like a person.

A room is also a locus of activity, again,

much like a person. There's an orbital

around your head, static shock halo hair,

where I might exist if I'm not observed.

Hold me here and I'll dance circles

around your heart. I pass through you

without touching at all, and

when I falter I make light.

I'd like to stay here if I can. I'd like that.

Once, breath

loved a spark so much

she drew herself inward

until spark tore through her.

This is how fire was born,

and her children alight in our blood

to make us hot and alive.

Once, wet loved herself so much

she clung to her body and wept.

This is how fog on the window was born,

why rain is so cold and close,

and how the pondskaters dance.

This is the same way they'll sing about us;

our old magic bound in the bones

of a world written in things

wanting to be close.

Nora Hikari is an emerging poet and Asian-American trans lesbian based in Philadelphia. Her work has appeared in All Guts No Glory, Feral Journal, and QAPoetry, among others, and her poem Deer-to-Fish Transition Timeline has been nominated for the Best of the Net award.


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