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Y Gogarth by Martin Potter

Y Gogarth


Limestone lifted

A solid height above

The bounded sea and bounce

Its slender heather bed

A trampoline



A lonely signpost

Whether to press on

Tudno’s church now a long way

Given the sea level

Day declining



Heath places

You could still see

Liverpool in a good light

Nightly bluster just

Ruffles the goats’



Your perspective

Over the even horizon

Look north towards hard to descry

Heights to where they scanned

From and called it


Martin Potter

Martin Potter ( is a poet and academic, and his poems have appeared in Acumen, The French Literary Review, Eborakon, Scintilla, and other journals. His pamphlet In the Particular was published by Eyewear in December, 2017. Twitter @PotterVillamil

About This Poem

Y Gogarth, or the Great Orme, is a limestone headland on the North Wales coast. Llandudno is at its foot and climbs up the south slope. It's famous for ancient copper mining and Kashmir goats. It was a favourite place to walk for me when I lived in the area, and I've tried to capture the drama of its isolated height.


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