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Lacune by Hibah Shabkhez


Green and brown, warp and weft, they dance neatly

Past each other, letting the blue

Slice in to carve smiles on the forest-face.

The sun beams its way on and through

Crown shyness, glory of the canopy

Dream and doom of the human race.

Deep underneath the parent trees deftly

Twine roots and nurture children who

Rise sunward in their life-sharing embrace.

Hibah Shabkhez

Hibah Shabkhez is a writer of the half-yo literary tradition, an erratic language-learning enthusiast, a teacher of French as a foreign language and a happily eccentric blogger from Lahore, Pakistan. Her work has previously appeared in Wellington Street Review, Black Bough, Nine Muses, Borrowed Solace, Ligeia, Cordite Poetry, and a number of other literary magazines. Studying life, languages and literature from a comparative perspective across linguistic and cultural boundaries holds a particular fascination for her.

Twitter: @hibahshabkhez

About This Poem

We have so much to learn from trees about this new world where we must learn to be together while remaining physically apart.


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