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Winter Into Spring In Utah by Jack C. Buck

winter into spring in utah

of all the gathered mirrors

with all of them totaled together on an altar built up

producing the biggest mirror assembled

will not contain the whole of this

a mirror’s reflection limited in its space

against the desert distance doubling itself

ablaze with light out there in Utah

of geological time

where we showed up long after

despite what’s often said of interpretation

what is it about color

and light and shadow and time

when it changes before us

that makes us miss what was just there before

Jack C. Buck

Jack C. Buck, originally from Michigan, is a teacher, writer, and book editor currently living in Idaho.

About this poem

"Utah is a special place, one of my favorite regions to visit in particular is the small city of Moab. Every year since moving out west, I've made a point to spend a week or so camping and hiking in the backcountry of its expansive desert landscape. Besides growing up in Michigan, no other specific place has inspired my artistic output at the level the canyonlands have. If you're interested in reading more poems influenced by my time spent amongst Utah's landscape, consider my chapbook of poems "will you let it send you out" published by Ghost City Press."


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