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The Way Things Are by Elodie Rose Barnes

The Way Things Are

It begins after the unpacking

has ended; the gathering-together

of crumbs for bread, enough for a loaf,

enough to say to this new place -

we belong.

We save some. Hoard them

in little jars to be brought out

on special occasions, but our roots

are never more than skin deep.

Fibres woven from single grains of sand.

I know there was a time

when we didn’t do this.

Our bones are made of more than silt;

I carry them, hardened sea-shells

that echo the song of a shore

I’ve not yet seen.

The bread is meant to bind us

to the earth

but always we wake to a light

that holds the salt-sweet scent of pearls,

a rolling wind that sounds like the sea,

a shifting tide.

Another leaving.

A trail of crumbs scattering in our wake

as hope.

Elodie Rose Barnes

Elodie Rose Barnes is an author and photographer. She can usually be found in Paris or the UK, daydreaming her way back to the 1920s, while her words live in places such as Ellipsis Zine, Bold + Italic and trampset. Current projects include chapbooks of poetry & photography inspired by Paris, and a novel based on the life of modernist writer Djuna Barnes. She can be found online at and on Twitter @BarnesElodie.


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