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Tuesday in March by Hannah Cole Orsag

Tuesday in March

Flout, assuage, extricate. Vocabulary

I teach to my students. Sepulchral faces

and tones greet me none too salutary.

Begin with a singular word. Hang it off laundry lines

on balconies and stick it to your forehead

on a Post-it note.

Give the word life, let it breathe as you listen

to music and car horns, sirens and laughter

on your way to school, to work.

Hannah Cole Orsag is a part-time writer and dramaturg and a full-time high school English teacher currently residing in Athens, Georgia. She loves discussing narrative and storytelling in all forms, and her work centres on themes of memory and home. Her writing has appeared in Lee Review, Sun & Sandstone, interview blog Speaking of Marvels, and most recently in Emerge Literary Journal. Find her on Twitter @hannahorsag.


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