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Touch by Ashish Kumar Singh


It’s morning but the sun isn’t out yet and

as we keep grappling for each other

in that early turquoise dusk,

doing what we have been doing

since the beginning of moon’s journey

across the horizon

because there’s so much flesh

on a body

and it keeps on unfolding,

keeps on giving to hungry hands

that it nullifies

the possibility of it ever coming

to an end.

But endeavour is what

our fathers taught us and so

like unbroken horses

we keeping running,

our hooves digging in brown mud

until these bodies break.

It’s morning

and the sun is out now and

has been pouring itself shamelessly

into the dark room, crawling

on all four

towards the bed, trying to touch

our bare skin with

its golden fingers.

Ashish Kumar Singh (he/him) is a queer student at Lucknow Christian College pursuing Master’s in English Literature. Other than writing, he reads extensively. He lives in Lucknow, India but dreams of being in Italy.

Twitter: Ashish_stJude


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