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Issue 7, Connection: Contents and Editor's Note

(Cover art by Christiane Drapela)

Welcome to Issue 7 of Dust Poetry Magazine, which features 28 new poems on the theme of connection.

  1. Umbilica by Louise Mather

  2. They Told Me To Connect With Nature by Simon Alderwick

  3. Breaktime by Harriet Truscott

  4. Entanglement by Marian Christie

  5. We All Fell Silent Except For The Men by Mary Ford Neal

  6. Catch and Release by Geoff Budden

  7. Embers by Elodie Barnes

  8. Waiting by Fokkina McDonnell

  9. The End of My Breath by Carol Casey

  10. Thirteen Ways of Looking At My Mother's Radio by Taiwo Hassan

  11. My Genetics Are An Autumnal Heathland by Cherry Doyle

  12. Slipping by Dorothy Burrows

  13. Little Wounds by Mike Wilson

  14. Sunsets and Shadows by Elizabeth Sallow

  15. Notice What You Notice by Jenny Byrne

  16. Touch by Ashish Kumar Singh

  17. The Most Hopeless Aspect Of This War by Rosalie Alston

  18. The Space Between Our Texts by Olga Dermott

  19. My Pixelated Lover by Shiksha Dheda

  20. Everything Is Music by Chrissie Dreier

  21. Papa by Charissa Cassels

  22. Crown Shyness by Cheryl Pearson

  23. Envelopes by Susan G. Duncan

  24. American Rain by Ellen Stone

  25. Pocket Watch by David J. Costello

  26. After Death by Nora Pasco

  27. Ruth's Lily by Carla Sarett

  28. Windswept by Sy Brand

Our cover art is by Christiane Drapela, an artist, illustrator and musician, based and born in Santiago, Chile. Christiane graduated in music composition in Santiago and did an Illustration diploma in Barcelona, Spain. Her visual work is about creating colourful and textural landscapes to provoke a nostalgic but joyful sensation of the immensity.

She writes: "I'm deeply inspired by nature and Im interested in the intricate relations and textures that you can find in it, so I use textures and strong vivid colours to enhance the elements. My intention is an invitation to amplify the imagination, to dream a bit more, with the elements that we already have in nature. The songs I make are like the soundtrack of my visual art, they are like landscapes, but I speak more of the personal emotion related to them. Im currently working on my first solo album."

You can find more of Christiane's work and listen to her music, here:

You can see more of her artwork at her instagram, here.

Thank you to Christiane for her glorious cover design, to each of our brilliant poets, whose work I am honoured to share with you in this issue, to Megan Clay Jones for suggesting the theme, and to everyone who has submitted work, and read, shared, and supported Dust online. There would be no magazine without you and I am truly grateful to you all.

I hope you enjoy these poems.

Best wishes,

Tara Wheeler

Founding Editor


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