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Their Green Thumbs by Hunter Blackwell

Their Green Thumbs



Mom’s Yard


Small chartreuse leaves

kiss camel rocks, swaying

as breeze walks by.


Brodnax Plantings


Magenta petunias,

half-moon cuts on their bodies-

white tail, swishing jaws.


Grandma Savage’s Garden


Ivory magnolia

petals float to chestnut

mulch, roots wrapping.

Hunter Blackwell

Hunter Blackwell currently resides in Virginia. Her previous work has appeared in Rose Quartz Magazine, The Write Launch, Barren Magazine, Twist in Time Magazine, Crêpe & Penn and others. She is a graduate of the College of William and Mary. She’s a Black and Native bisexual writer. She is a novice crockpot user and novice cosplayer. 

Find her on Twitter @hun_blackwell or her website:


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