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the space between by Christopher Lloyd

the space between

he says: let’s write together, our story

four hands etch the page at the same time

scrawl everywhere, two sets of script

hardly distinguishable, the biros blur. we tell

a version of our past, in turn, side-by-side 

on the page as if to fill in the gap of the other, 

finally finding out that what we thought we 

knew was true. he says: these characters 

aren’t us, you know that right, and he’s not

wrong, not entirely. we cast ourselves in 

pronouns that shift the line, split roles in 

black and white. he: taller, me: shorter. our 

arms mesh, I need to get to his side

of the page. I turn on my front to hide

my excitement, of what it’s not clear but 

as the tale inks out of the pens it feels like release

Christopher Lloyd (he/him) is a writer and academic. His pamphlet, Pick Up Your Feelings will be published in 2024 by fourteen poems. Chris is the author of poems, stories, and essays that have appeared in Action, SpectaclePERVERSEFruit JournalLighthouse&Change and elsewhere.


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