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Gallop is to Horse as Fall is to by Jane Zwart

Gallop is to Horse as Fall is to 

A. Angel 

A gelding, an emasculated seraph:

both know the pinch of deference.

Say the horse finds an orchard

suited to brushing the rider 

from his back, and say the angel

gives God the brush-off. 

Both would bolt after that, 

both would go as fast as four legs

or gravity would take him. 

B. Rain 

Think about the sound, 

the drumming of hooves 

and drops of water. 

C. Fall 

If you have seen the way power

moves through a horse and a horse

through a field, if you have paid

even the smallest attention 

to seasons, you’ll understand.

The throughline is the unstable

gilding of living things; 

the throughline is a glory that can be

neither denied nor sustained. 

D. Man 

The man will try to hold on. He

will wrap his arms around the

horse’s neck. Do not worry. He

will tumble off in a soft place.

Jane Zwart teaches at Calvin University, where she also co-directs the Calvin Center for Faith & Writing. Her poems have appeared in Poetry, Threepenny Review, The Poetry Review (UK), Bad Lilies (UK), and Ploughshares, as well as other journals and magazines.


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