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The Most Hopeless Aspect Of This War by Rosalie Alston

The most hopeless aspect of this war

is that it can never finally be over

a kind of mother

you come out of the bus station

I was probably born there, I wonder

were we this alike when I was a baby

your trembling voice says thank you

you touch my cheek with your fingertips

hissing brakes, diesel rainbow fumes

the spectral fades away from inky puddles

in the mildest words we can find

we fight for a resting place, endless

validation, verification, justification

two strangers at war with corporeal reality

as we cannot save each other

we are out to save ourselves

by any means going, lies, truth

our postures never quite differentiated.

Rosalie Alston has poems published in Spelt magazine, Black Lives Matter: Poems for a New World (CivicLeicester, 2020), Voices Along the Road, for child refugees (2018) and in

adoption anthologies. She has poems published online by the Poetry Village, Poetry Kit and PoetryandCovid. Her poem “Moving foster home again, yet I am not dead” was Highly Commended in the Poetry Space Competition 2020.


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