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The Hug by Dani Janae

The Hug

“I’ll come to you” they say

over the barrel of traffic,

a black and yawning wind

and I hear it, every syllable,


and they come

against the cold, the yellow

lines, the screaming cars,

They run what feels like

forever, red hair

ballooned around

a laughing face

All day I am shaken,

sitting in the lonely of

my shame, my sickness

my body marred by judgment

i will come to you

i will come to you

i will come

and then, the hug

yes, the hug

oh god

the religion of touch.

Dani Janae is a poet and journalist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her work has been published by Longleaf Review, Pittsburgh Poetry Journal, Palette Poetry, Slush Pile Magazine, and others. Her manuscript, Express Desire, was a finalist for the 2023 CAAPP Book Prize.


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