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The End of My Breath by Carol Casey

The End of My Breath

At the end of my breath, I pause

feel life’s imperative growing.

I breath in.

What will happen with the last?

Will I rise upon it, or quietly

give it up

to flutter between air particles?

Will it hurt, or feel like

a burden put down?

Will it live on in those who breathe nearby?

Will trees inspire it, make oxygen?

Will it flow

on the wind to places I have loved,

to places I have always

wanted to go?

Carol Casey lives in Blyth, Ontario, Canada. Her work has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and has appeared in The Prairie Journal,The Anti-Langourous Project, Please See Me, Front Porch Review, Cypress, Vita Brevis and others, including a number of anthologies, most recently, We Are One: Poems From the Pandemic and the TL;DR Hope Anthology.

Facebook: @ccaseypoetry; Twitter: @ccasey_carol; Webpage:


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