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Sunsets and Shadows by Elizabeth Sallow

sunsets and shadows

you’re my 3am: orange and bronze,

tangerine spotlights, car lights, it’s late

and we’re out on the town: stolen kisses,

poison on our tongues.

we’re fluorescent, dreaming of a sunrise that will last forever.

i think together we can be the moon and stars.

i think together we can be infinite.

east coast, rainy days, you’re a golden haze.

we’re dancing around the truth like we’ve already

fallen down the rabbit hole, like we already

know the ending, like we’re

waiting on something that’ll never quite change.

i think you’re beautiful, i think i’m covered in gold.

i think i love you, but i don’t think that matters.

i’d like to end up together, under streetlights,

peter pan, forever young,. staying

up late; all-night diners, drinking milk shakes

and dipping our fries, until i’m dozing in your

passenger seat and you’re driving me home.

i’d like to stay in this moment forever with you

with the radio, with your love.

do you want to move to london? cardiff? i

like edinburgh, if you don’t mind the weather.

i’d like to take you rollerskating, around the markets,

peppermint tea and overpriced biscuits.

how about i show you my favourite places,

how about you teach me your smile.

i’ll dream of you tonight, if you stay a while.

it’s four in the morning, we’re chasing a feeling,

running from the police, getting lost in a dream.

i don’t know what we are, i don’t know what we should be.

but i’d like it if you were just a little closer.

i think i’m daydreaming, pinks and peaches,

sniffing the buttercups, lying in the meadow,

i think i’m making you up, in the sunsets and shadows.

Elizabeth Sallow (she/her) is a queer nineteen year old who lives in a small village in the UK. She believes in the universal and connective power of literature and hopes that she can make people feel understood in a way that she did growing up with her head in a book. She also likes succulents. It's a problem.


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