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she wears an owl mask by Jai Michelle Louissen

she wears an owl mask

the wood drips into an hour

stone creatures alive with water, i shrink 

fierce eyes rimmed in alder

remains of copper, ornament of bone

a songbird swelling;

a ballad about my mother

the rain newly massing;

the ghosts caught inside

one day we will love each other

as we intended

Jai Michelle Louissen is a Scottish writer, living now on the coastline of the Netherlands. She is particularly called as a writer to 'the psychogeography of landscape', how a heron skimming across the marsh moves inside the body, the elements of language conceiving there. Having a background in systemic therapy, specializing in family, ancestors and nature, as a singer songwriter and with a passion for early morning hypnopompic writing, She also finds herself writing of loss and identity Scottish landscapes, or dreamlike portals into wild protoceltic animist cultures and beliefs.She has been published in parenthesis magazine, wild roof journal, corvid queen most recently. She has also published a chapbook with Sunday Mornings At The River in 2022. and is the editor of a literary journal, the winged moon. You can also find me on IG and most recently twitter @bornonadarkmoon


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