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Samhain by L Kiew


Edinburgh’s bells woke

the rest of the Sunday city

as we drove south of Peebles

to the stell, slant stanes

upon the bare hillside,

scots pine, a single sheep.

And we walked all day,

across mires, fallow ground,

boggy depression,

standing water sucking

at boots, calves, knees.

Cloud smothered the sun.

We reached stillness,

settling light,

a reflection in water,

the last leaf turned, mud

kicked off soles, seeping

cold into wearied muscles.

L Kiew

L Kiew is chinese-malaysian, living in London, and an accountant. She holds an MSc in Creative Writing and Literary Studies from Edinburgh University. She was longlisted in the 2019 National Poetry Competition and one of the 2019/2020 London Library Emerging Writers. Her debut pamphlet The Unquiet is published by Offord Road Books and she is onTwitter @l_kiew

About This Poem

The poem was written when I lived in Inverness. The landscape and weather of Scotland influenced my writing a great deal when I lived there.


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