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Rebirth by Charley Barnes


A collage poem after Simon Armitage’s ‘The Christening’

Don’t be taken in –

lying motionless on the surface, 

coffin-shaped and I nosedive. 

Attracted to the galactic emptiness, sometimes, 

guided by an unseen force; in many ways

I have seen it all. 

The first people to open me up thought my head was full:

fluid; dense wax; balm; my opinions. 

My head cools; I have a brain; I am, I am. 

Charley Barnes is an author and academic specialising in true crime and crime fiction. Her most recent poetry collection, free bleeding, was co-authored with Wendy Allen and published in February 2024 by Broken Sleep Books. Charley's next novel, A Walk in the Park, is forthcoming with ChocLit in June 2024.


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