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Old Europe by Ediney Santana

Old Europe

Among cold and gray trees old


Dirty drops of blood come from the salty

water looking for shelter.

Children's tears, aged screams

teenagers' dreams and old fears.

The old Europe that once crossed

the oceans in search of wealth,

now build walls.

Desolate beaches

where hungry spirits

ask for help!

Where will the grave stand?

the sea, the beach,

Or within the speeches of men

and women that have long forgotten

the meaning of love.

Ediney Santana

Ediney Santana was born in Bahia, Brazil. He is the author of novels, short stories and poems books. He is a literature teacher and currently lives in Brasilia.

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About this poem

I wrote these poems thinking of immigrants and refugees and it’s also about women like my mother who have overcome fear, loneliness and too many hardships in her life.

My poetry is a way of living beyond myself, reaching out to others worldwise. I believe that literature is universal, we write to break down walls and build bridges.

My poetry is an invitation to global union and connection.


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