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Manuka Honey by Patrick Wright

Manuka Honey

You believed in viscous 

gloop of Manuka honey

syrup to heal your wounds

from navel to pubis

the lacuna 

of Fallopian tubes 

the womb you cursed

& were glad to be rid of 

(on the surface). 

Outside Saint Mary’s

on a grass verge

you ushering our fingertips 

to the stitch

& itch you saw as positive

the sun at solstice

& speaking of the anatomy 

of a flower, its completeness

against your abdomen 

how you held the carpel 


& how it cast a shadow.       

Patrick Wright has a poetry collection, Full Sight of Her (Eyewear), which was nominated for the John Pollard Prize. He has also been shortlisted for the Bridport Prize. His poems have appeared in Poetry Ireland Review, The North, Southword, Poetry Salzburg, Agenda, Wasafiri, and London Magazine. He has a second collection, Exit Strategy, which will be published by Broken Sleep Books in 2025.


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