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In Your Second Mojave Springtime by JC Alfier

In Your Second Mojave Springtime

If you arrive where saltbush

stretches along switchbacks

that sidle toward mining

camps abandoned

years back, you might rest

in the ragged shade

of an ore bin tower

that shelters the toxic

slide of rattlers, find an orphan

chunk of silver or zinc

the last monsoon

failed to sweep away

and wind didn’t thrum with sand,

you’ll tread ground

where a sunstruck fugitive

once declared his need for sleep

under the brilliant green

of a catclaw acacia,

the air about him shimmering

with the quiet reach of the sun.

JC Alfier’s most recent book of poetry, The Shadow Field, was published by Louisiana Literature Press (2020). Journal credits include The Emerson Review, New York Quarterly, Notre Dame Review, Southern Poetry Review, and Vassar Review. He is also an artist doing collage and double-exposure work.


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