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How to turn one villain into two by Susan Gordon Byron

How to turn one villain into two

Guests were advised not to go to their windows at night, so instead they imagined the man with ivy for eyes, how he rode on horseback through Sussex, envied them for their eyes, licked the hills dark and dry.

The young couple’s skin was bare and soft, the hotel’s five stars hard and bright. They held one star each to their chests and sank into linen, fluffed egg whites, and marmalade. They were told what luxury was

while they sculpted nightmares: a new couple, who liked to drown clouds and nibble at hills. Who wandered out from under their eyes and into the lane, coughing up ivy. They came back for breakfast.

Susan Gordon Byron is a freelance non-fiction editor and writer based in London. She has a background in journalism and playwriting, with a number of short plays performed professionally. She writes and hosts The Culture Boar Podcast, and you can find her on Twitter @cultureboarpod


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