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Finding a home by Helen Openshaw

Finding a home

I see swallows dart in the Arno,

Between the bridge and rushing weir,

Spring weaved through

The Ligurian sea,

Sewing a pattern to return.

I feel the frayed edges

In a dream catcher sky,

Their flight threads a belonging.

The strands pulled together,

As I embroider the memory,

Joining the seams,

Knowing we too, will return.

Helen Openshaw is a Drama and English teacher from Cumbria. She enjoys writing poetry and plays and inspiring her students to write. Words in Green Ink Poetry magazine, Words and Whispers magazine, The Madrigal, Fragmented Voices, Forge Zine, Acropolis Journal and The Dirigible Balloon magazine. Her first chapbook, 'A Revolution in the Sky' is published by Alien Buddha Press. Next year Helen will have a pamphlet published with Hedgehog poetry. Twitter @pocket_rhyme


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