Eostre by L. B. Limbrey


The gorse is blooming

on the high common,

the blackthorn on the low.

In the copse

I curl myself up

in the moss

and dream



and think




about the soil,

and discarded ribs,

and desire.

Far off I hear cars and


and the bark of

pack dogs

but here the thorns fold

over me

and the hills



and I can sleep.

L. B. Limbrey

L. B. Limbrey is a writer, poet and environmental activist. They have had work published with Rituals and Declarations zine, the Raving Beauties Anthology and they have a story out with Corvid Queen January 2021. You can find their articles athttps://scornalott.wordpress.com/and poetry and portents on twitter @ScornaLott

About This Poem

'Eostre' is a poem about finding solace in the changing landscape.

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