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Darkness by Alan Parry


one night in


seventeen years ago –

guitars wailing like the wind,

i realised there

was no life

without you;

your photograph

in my wallet;

my heart

in your hands;

i slept hours

that night – satisfied

Alan Parry

Alan Parry is a poet, playwright and poetry editor from Merseyside, England. He is an English Literature graduate and English teacher. Alan enjoys gritty realism, open ends, miniature schnauzers and 60s girl groups. He has previously had work published by Dream Noir, Streetcake Magazine, Black Bough Poetry, Porridge and others. He cites Alan Bennett, Jack Kerouac and James Joyce as inspiration. Twitter: @AlanParry83 and @BrokenSpineArts Instagram: alphapapa83 Websites: and

About this poem The poem Darkness is an intensely personal text. It offers readers a glimpse behind the curtain, into my relationship with my now wife.


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