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Cosmic Derivative by Vikki C.

Cosmic Derivative 

For decades, we part as cool language,

but come together against the wind.

Where most chase love, you fall into its path. 

The curation of instinct — a deepening bruise. 

After severance, this is what we seek in strangers.

Those who remain. Smoke above the wound.

Vapour trailing their speech. Still, I trust your mouth. 

We drink and brood the derivative of touch —

meaning, we speak of the universal,

wherever history makes cold planets out of our cups. 

A revolution traced by your restless finger —

sugar accidentally spilled into my lap.

No coincidence, the disorder we afford —

origins leave an imperfect trace.

You know — that alternate romance:

This wildness, an instrument you can't quite tune.

Its echo always returns as a different trigger —

Like all bright distant bodies, once is never enough.

With every encounter, the introduction

begins with the eyes — mourning a fresh loss.

Vikki C. is a London-born, award nominated writer and author of ‘The Art of Glass Houses’ (Alien Buddha Press, 2022) and 'Where Sands Run Finest' (DarkWinter Press, 2024). Her recent work appears in EcoTheo Review, One ART Poetry, Black Bough Poetry, The Belfast Review, Acropolis Journal and Ice Floe Press.


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