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Co-Chair by Milou Stella


"It's about geography" Blossoms "It's about economy" Birds "It's about public attitude" Tree branches "It's about culture" The skeleton of a decomposing fox "It's about politics, a combination

of things led by science" Ripples in the water.

Milou Stella

Milou Stella is a half Italian, half French, full-time artist and writer based in London. She holds an MSt from the University of Oxford in Creative Writing, a degree in Fine Arts from Slade School of Art and was selected to publish a short pamphlet of her own poetry and Illustrations titled "Meander" with Annexe Magazine Press. Her love of poetry comes from an eclectic array of sources. These include autobiographical events,  mass media, nonsense literature, Dada, Oulipo and Hermetism.

About the poem This poem was developed through the deconstruction of a recent speech by Sian Griffiths, co-chair of Hong Kong government SARS inquiry, about the easing of lockdown, on BBC Breakfast, 28/4/20; together with things I saw from the window of our boat, to bring to light the paradoxes of our world and nature. It's about seeing contrasts, and in between those spaces finding poetry.


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