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Bad Year by Devon Neal

Bad Year

I spent this year among the trees

who, today, aren’t talking about

how bad of a year it was.

When they reflect, it’s about rain

soaking into their rugged skin,

the sun hot against the veins

of their leaves, and even the storms,

straining their cracking sinew,

but filling their limbs with songs.

Even talk of loss is talk of color,

and they swear their fingertips

just brushed against the clouds.

It’s not about the grayest days,

the snow swirling on their shoulders;

it’s the way they stayed standing,

reaching for each other.

Devon Neal (he/him) is a Kentucky-based poet whose work has appeared in many publications, including HAD, Livina Press, The Storms, and The Bombay Lit Mag, and has been nominated for Best of the Net. He currently lives in Bardstown, KY with his wife and three children.


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