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Anna Annasach by Bhrian Tobar

Anna Annasach

I could stand 

a few crepuscular sun rays

right about now

with the gloaming

settling across the landscape

empty and deliciously abandoned.

I could stand

a nod from the natural realm

a familia

that this thing is part of us

in our web 

and we in its.

I could stand

a nod from my long gone grandparents 

who conceived Pop

in a pandemic

spirit on they’d whisper

and heed the sun rise.

Bhrian Tobar

Bhrian is a poet living among America’s Great Lakes. Twitter @BhrianTobar

About This Poem

"Annasach” is commonly translated in Scottish Gaelic as “unusual” and in this case, Anna speaks to the unusual idea that the corona virus is not something foreign to our human experience but part of our natural web and therefore something we will need to learn to live with, as we remember sources for our resilience. 


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