Among The Valleys Low by Lindz McLeod

Among the Valleys Low

Queen aloft

a pine-scrubbed glen. 

Skin barked, butter browning

these dappled cores.

Loam raked over 

by eager claws, shallow

the seeds of shame. Courage

nested twig-by-twig.

The health of soil can be

reasoned by inches.

Voice pitched moss-soft, tame

as young finches;

blushed undulations 

of unseen waters

reflect back 

the wisdom gained by

listening, listening.

Lindz McLeod

Lindz McLeod is a Scottish writer and performance poet. Her prose been published by the Scotsman, the Scottish Book Trust, 365 Tomorrows; and the Dundee V&A Museum. She has published poetry with Allegory Ridge, Passaic/Völuspá, For Women Who Roar, Coffin Bell, Selcouth Station and more. Lindz is the competition secretary of the Edinburgh Writer’s Club and holds a Masters in Creative Writing.

Twitter: @lindzmcleod

About this poem

'I wrote this poem about my partner, as part of our discussions about how the physical landscapes of our respective countries have shaped us as people and as writers.'

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