Juicy/Filthy by Sophie Furlong Tighe

the word juicy

juicy/like a mango/or a profound piece of theatre/or an

original thought/extracted from an academic essay/like

the drama/that you suck from a friend/the drama/you

try not to spit out/like everything/or anyone/you

swallow/juicy/like you know what i mean/don’t

you/that’s what you’ve been thinking the whole

time/isn’t it/like you might not be interesting/but you

sure are/juicy

the word filthy

she’s filthy/like mould on bread/or unwashed

tights/like a word you can’t say in school/begging for a

lunch break/filthy like the clean underwear in my

handbag/like i kissed you in a bathroom/and you said

the cubicle was/filthy/but i think you had the wrong

word/maybe you meant warm/pulsing/sticky/or

maybe our love is just that/maybe it’s/filthy

Sophie Furlong Tighe

Sophie Furlong Tighe studies Theatre at Trinity College Dublin. She was once a slam poet, a twice winner of Dublin’s Slam Sunday, and a finalist in the Grand Slam. Now she writes things on pages, and has work published or forthcoming in QA poetry, Boston Accent Lit, and Vagabond City Lit among others. She is based in Dublin, Ireland and tweets @furtiso

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