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all the boys that ever ghosted me follow me on twitter by Luís Costa

all the boys that ever ghosted me

follow me on twitter;

their hazy voices billowing, silky

baritones, rugby lads

built like impenetrable citadels,

dancers with tender

eyes, lawyers massacring white

shirts, a vapid architect

tall as the walls of Jericho, their

stoically avoidant thumbs

spit insignificant vapour threads,

look who I had for dinner.

I hate their hands, making bones

collapse; they turned my 

screen into a pool of sad obsidian,

a smoke panther, scratched

vinyl playing through this volatile 

sky; my stubble bruised chin

healing slowly, uncovered legs still

imprinted on semen stained

sheets, headboards now welcoming

a winter of quiet loneliness.

Luís Costa (he/they) is a queer poet featured in Visual Verse, Stone of Madness, Queerlings, Inksounds, Farside Review, FEED, Roi Fainéant, many wor(l)ds, Boats Against The Current, Sage Cigarettes, and Tin Can Poetry, with forthcoming work in Anthropocene, ONE ART and Passengers. His debut pamphlet Two Dying Lovers Holding a Cat was published by Fourteen Poems in November 2023. He holds a PhD from Goldsmiths and lives in London with the ghost of his cat Pierożek. You can find him on Twitter @captainiberia


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