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Afternoon Peace by Claire Marsden

afternoon peace

shafts of light kiss trees

your hand touches the shadows

we rest in silence

Claire Marsden

Whilst chronic pain and disability are Claire's daily companions, it is through nature and writing that she finds both the meaning and the means with which to make sense of the world in which she lives. With articles published on such sites as 'Tiny Buddha' and 'Having Time', she strives to help others navigate the often complex realities of life, both with and without chronic illness. The natural world is a constant companion through many of her pieces and her poetry, included on such sites as Marías at Sampaguitas and Literati Magazine, reflects this as she explores the human spirit. When she can, she loves to take part in open mic poetry nights.

About This Poem

I really love haiku in poetry; they are simple but not simplistic. Often celebrating nature and capturing a moment in time, my haiku, 'afternoon peace' is no different. After a fraught morning during lockdown with my teen, she asked if I'd like to go on a walk with her in the woods to see her secret place for drawing and writing. The time we spent there was truly lovely. I have not included a period or capitalizations as I wanted to give a sense of time before and after the poem itself. 


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