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afterimage by D. Parker


i am an afterimage my contour blurs lines between us

& the shore the flood that comes furious 

& which we cannot do not want

to stop

i am an afterimage you look at me so intently the curves

of my body burn themselves in the cones & rods

of your eyes & your brain twists this information

into an image of me we both know to be far

from accurate 

i am an afterimage the shape you see in your mind’s eye is not 

as strong | solid as you may perceive –

cracks not only in the foundation 

but the walls 

the ceiling— 

too blurred to make out but you see 

they are a spider web of instability

i am an afterimage my shape distorted under water

where i partly keep myself between the waves in the belly 

of the storm swaying in the loudest silence

i am an afterimage friction ridges – mine & yours overlap

on the landscape of my body across curves & dips

sunken under waves marked with salt & grit 

they do not mourn your absence

i am an afterimage you close your eyes & tilt 

your head expecting a crisp outline sharp | smart edges

but find soft blunt corners porous structures ready

to crumble under the pressure of a fallen feather 

D. Parker has an MA in Creative Writing. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Eunoia Review, Atrium, The Belfast Review, Cutbow Quarterly, Strix and Inkfish. Her pamphlet, ‘Rush’ was published by Bullshit Lit Mag + Press. She is the editor of Needle Poetry.


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