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After Death by Nora Pasco

After Death

For all of us left behind


The memory of your scent, like incense:

an infusion in the emptiness of every room.

We share the grief of you in silence, 

hot with solitude. The absence

of song, the hollowness of every footstep

taken from you — the growing distance —

follows every breath inhaled with vengeance, 

until we turn attention to the sunflowers.

Fill our mourning hours with remembrance.

We’ve found your hall of blossoms —

every gate an entrance.


Nora Pasco is a poet and nurse tech who resides in Connecticut with her loving husband and son. She is a Human Service major and enjoys writing poetry that explores human emotion and experience. Her poems have appeared in Freshwater, Pink Plastic House, and Anti-Heroin Chic.


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