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6 January by Sarah Simms

6 January

A moment of awakening, a revelation

Hauled from hibernation

New Year; New You?

A day of discovery, we’re told

As resolving to renew, restore, refresh -

Rejuvenated, we reach for meaning

By shaping body, mind, soul

and yet. And yet

an itch persists.

Treadmill tyres tire.

Answers evade.

Gold tarnished, frankincense fades.

Still, expectantly, follow a star.

Sarah Simms

Sarah Simms can be found on twitter @caddster

About this poem

"6 January is a poem for anyone who (like me) feels the challenges of the new year - the pressure to renew yourself, while being acutely conscious that the reinvention is often one prescribed by marketing departments. For anyone searching for a moment of true epiphany and uniqueness in a busy life. Good luck - let me know when you find it!"


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