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Tiger Sky by Caitlin Miller

Tiger Sky

Meanwhile, the wild geese soar above

the supermarket. The sky defiantly

striped—sunset orange /pink,

like a faded tiger print.

The winter trees, naked of their

leaves, stand as if in protest by

the congested, glistening street—their

sharp branches flexing like claws.

Meanwhile, I search for ingredients,

for milk and peace, the wild geese

are in the car park calling ‘the sky

is on fire; the river is breached.’

And as I read the wild words—

a goose feather drifts towards

predatory, purring cars. An oak

tree looms over the traffic. Silent

primordial as sky or a tiger

holding the amber/red light.

Caitlin Miller

Caitlin Miller is a writer, editor and poetry facilitator based in Oxfordshire, UK where she lives with her husband, dog and cat. She holds an MA in Creative Writing with Distinction and is the co- creator/editor of Irisi, a digital poetry, spoken word and art platform. She is currently also working as a poetry tutor/creative writer on an Arts Council funded children’s poetry project, which she co -founded. Her poetry has previously been published in Tears in the fence, Ink Sweat & Tears, Under the Radar, Scriturra Magazine and, recently, on two coffee cup recycling bins in Oxford as part of Oxford city council’s ‘cups of inspiration’ creative project. Co-incidentally she loves both poetry and a good cup of coffee. 

About This Poem

Tiger Sky is inspired by the climate crisis and a flock of wild geese flying over a busy supermarket and road in a town on the river Thames. 


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