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So Many by Eve Fullard

So Many So many places to go So many books to read So many box sets to binge So many classes to take So many films to watch So many places to walk So many restaurants to try So many conversations to have So many friends to visit So many photos to snap So many sites to see So many bands to experience So many shows to take in So many songs to listen to So many instruments to play So many courses to study So many meals to eat So many clothes to buy So many channels to flick So many languages to learn So many apps to use So many miles to run So many scenic routes to drive So many orders to place So many styles to wear So many magazines to browse So many nights to have out So many hobbies to take up So many, I can’t take it So many, too many, too much

Eve Fullard

Eve Fullard is a 41 year old Mum of two. She is a volunteer presenter on Community Radio station West Hull FM and a Mental Health Ambassador Volunteer for Hull & East Yorkshire Mind. Eve is new to writing poetry and So Many is her first published poem.

About This Poem

"It’s unbelievable what can happen in the space of a few weeks. On the 12th February 2020 I submitted this poem to Dust Magazine, expressing how I felt at the time. Little did I know, that only a few weeks later, I would have so many of these options taken away from me. My feeling now is that when I finally get them back, and hopefully, we all will, I will be so grateful for them and never take them for granted again. If there’s one thing I will take from this whole situation, it’s perspective and gratitude. I’ve now come to realise I don’t need to do all these things, it will be enough to just have the option to do them should I chose to."


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